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Hello stranger!  

What brings you here?  Looking for anything in particular?  Lord Lucan, Shergar, hens teeth?!  Mmmm, not sure I've got the answers to those great conundrums . . . but I do love a good mystery! 

Like, how do you increase your income generation 200% in difficult economic times? 

How do you get your board and your staff to work together?

How do you persuade funders to invest in your exciting new project idea?

Or where do you go when your board have resigned, your staff are at sea, your income is dwindling and the bottom's fallen out of your investments, or indeed your building?

Maybe I'm being a little pessimist!  Perhaps it's all going well and you've got a fabulous idea up your sleeve but you just don't know how to get started?  What comes first - business plan, financial plan, audience development plan?

Let me take you on a journey . . . through the good, the bad, and the ugly side of my work and see if we can't solve a few of these mysteries on the way . . .