'Donna joined Bread Youth Project at a time of uncertainty and upheaval. She put order into the chaos, and created the breathing space the board and staff members needed to make the best decisions for the organisation. I do not believe Bread would have survived without her hard work.' - Noelle Rumball, Trustee 

'I would recommend Donna for any work involving taking a fresh look at an organisation or to help them clarify their aims and objectives.  She helped us come to our own decision.  She is an excellent management consultant with a range of business skills and perspectives.' - Helen Dorritt, Operations Manager, BREAD Youth Project

'Donna was very easy to work with, a very clear communicator.  She listened and was very gentle with us but she gave us the push we needed.   She worked at a good speed and has taken us along on a journey.   Having her on board has made me enjoy being a trustees again: I feel I've been able to do the job of a trustee again, properly.' - Rhiannon Holder, Chair of trustees of BREAD Youth Project

'Donna has the expertise and ability to steer you and guide you in the right direction.  She's got the knowledge of systems, the voluntary sector, etc. to back that up. 

'.....the way she turns things around and helps people to create positive change;  she helps people  and organisations achieve their potential' - Liz Clarke, Artistic Director, Drastic Productions

'She can come in and facilitate with a lack of ego; she can read the room and know how to respond.  Her lack of ego is brilliant for working with people.  She was the breath of fresh air and made things happen.  Her work is so exemplary.' - Liz Clarke, speaking as a member of Residence