The Bad 

You play:  

An organisation at point of change. 

Perhaps it's just one thing that's created a tipping point, maybe the culmination of several factors . . . 

Loss of board members? Demotivated staff?  Volunteer numbers dwindling?  Building crumbling?  Money running out?

I play:  

An outside pair of eyes, a sounding board, a mentor, a management consultant, a change management specialist, a coach, an 'organisation doctor', a guide to show the way forward

And the consequences are :

We work together; you as the expert in your organisation, and I'll be your guide.  

There's lots of things we can consider; we might recruit and train some new board members, review your legal structure, implement new policies and procedures, have an away day, develop your governance structures, or write a fundraising or income generation strategy.  

However is best to approach the issues, we'll go there together and I just suspect, it wont feel quite so bad afterall . . . !