The Ugly 

You play: 

An organisational crisis.  It wasn't always this way; you were once on top of your game with an enviable reputation and success rate. It all went horribly wrong horribly fast.  You can't see the wood for the trees.  You're all pulling in different directions.   You're wondering when and how it's all going to end.

Where to begin?


I play: 

An organisational development  & change management consultant.  With an excellent knowledge of regulation, best practice and how organisations should operate, as well as their constraints and what can go wrong.

I can work with you as a consultant or offer an interim management  solution. 

I'll give you some breathing space, and the opportunity to explore the options before making any major decisions.

And the consequences are:

We take a journey together.  We celebrate what's worked well, and we critically examine where things need to improve.  

We consider all the options and we make sound decisions based on evidence and the needs of all  stakeholders. 

It could go either way.  We hope for a successful recovery.  If that is not possible, we reward ourselves with a safe and dignified closure and a celebration of all that was once good.  

So infact if the end comes, it is dignity, grace and respect that we accept and action that decision.